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1.    Propmoto
January 28, 2024
The Non-Property Data Being Used for Property Decisions
A discussion on how non-property data, culled through cutting-edge technology, is playing an increasingly important role in investment decision-making by providing additional forms of analytical intelligence.    Read More

2.    Bisnow

January 14, 2024
‘Real-Time, Nuanced Data’: How RCKRBX Changed AREP’s Underwriting Process
See how a prominent RCKRBX user gained a competitive advantage.  Read More


3.  The Real Deal

November 13, 2023

Multifamily giant JPI first Texas subscriber for RCKRBX rental data.

Startup bills its software as real-time source on renter preferences.   Read More

4.  BusinessWire 

November 13, 2023

Demand-side Data Intelligence Platform Expands Into Texas, Welcomes JPI as Its Latest Subscriber

RCKRBX, the leading demand-side data Intelligence platform for multifamily real estate expands into Texas and welcomes JPI as its latest subscriber.  Read More


5.  Tangent Podcast 

November 8, 2023

How to Maximize Multifamily Performance with Renter Analytics

RCKRBX CEO, Michael Broder, and COO, James Moore, join Jeffrey Berman, Zach Aarons and Edward Cohen to discuss "How to Maximize Multifamily Performance with Renter Analytics."    Click Here to access the full episode.

 Screen Shot 2023-11-14 at 4.52.42 PM


6. Influencers in Multifamily

October 9, 2023

RCKRBX named to Globe Street's 2023 Multifamily Influencers List 

Here are our picks for multifamily influencers in 2023.  Read More


7.  Washington Business Journal

September 21, 2023

Michael Broder's RCKRBX is ready to 'rock' multifamily real estate

The company's online analytics platform knows what perspective renters actually want.  Read More


8.  Fully Occupied Podcast

July 12, 2023    Podcast Image Rev Michael Broder joins Matt Giffune on the Fully Occupied podcast to discuss the application and impact of demand-side new  on multifamily investment and development.  Click Here to access the full episode.  


9.  Commercial Observer

June 6, 2023

Proptech Outlook at Midyear 2023

Scarce funding, fewer new startups, and greater competitive demands — these and other trends are shaping the real estate tech landscape.   Read More


10.  Connected Real Estate Magazine

June 5, 2023

Proptech has potential to transform multi-family real estate.  Property technology (proptech) initially served as a way to help building owners operate their properties more efficiently.  However, it’s quickly become a method of attracting and retaining tenants.  Read More


11.  MultiFamily Executive

May 31, 2023

Finding the Silver Bullets in Multifamily Development Technology.  Apartment development tech continues to face an uphill battle against ROI-minded investors and adoption-resistant user audiences.   Read More


12.  Urban Land

May 30, 2023

How Proptech Could Transform Multifamily Real Estate. For prospective renters, a building equipped with smart home automation technology from
Scottsdale, Arizona–based technology firm SmartRent may enable them to schedule a tour online, verify their identity, and then unlock the unit’s Bluetooth-enabled smart lock to allow them to take a look around without needing a rental agent to be present.   Read More


13.  Bisnow

May 15, 2023

What Do Renters Want? Demand-Side Data Holds The Key That Developers Have Been Looking For.   To make well-informed decisions, multifamily developers have traditionally relied on supply-side data, or the historic performance, population, demographics and densities of a given market.   Read More


14.  BusinessWire

Mar 21, 2023

RCKRBX™ Launches Revolutionary Demand-Side Data Intelligence Platform to
Better Inform Multifamily Real Estate Investment, Development and Marketing
Leveraging quantitative polling data and predictive analytics, the platform delivers actionable intelligence around the preferences, attitudes and viewpoints that drive renter decision-making and how these factors will impact asset performance and value over time.    Read More


15.  GlobeSt

Mar 06, 2023

New Proptech Startup RCKRBX Claims Demand-Side Multifamily Renter Data
Sources are periodic surveys of renters using techniques from political campaign research.    Read More


16.  The Mann Report

Feb 28, 2023

Rckrbx Launches Demand-side Data Intelligence Platform for Multifamily
The demand-side data intelligence platform includes voice-of-the-customer data from current and prospective renters across targeted markets for multifamily acquisition, development, and marketing professionals.   Read More.


17.  Citybiz

Feb 26, 2023

DC’s RCKRBX is Building a SaaS Platform for Real Estate Data
A new local startup seeks to offer more insight into the region’s buyers and renters – and what, exactly, they seek.   Read More.

18.  Technical.ly DC

Feb 24, 2023

DC’s RCKRBX is building a SaaS platform for Real Estate Data
Co-founders Michael Broder, CEO, and James Moore, COO, sat down with Michaela Althouse of Technical.ly DC to discuss the launch of RCKRBX and how it’s aiming to bring more of the end-user voice to the acquisition and development stages of projects.   Read More.    

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