Human Preference
Actionable Intelligence.®

From Gold To Data: Actionable Insight Is The New Currency

A “rockerbox” is a 19th century mining implement used for separating gold from gravel.

RCKRBX™ is a 21st century data mining platform for maximizing the performance of multifamily real estate assets across the ownership lifecycle.


The Difference Between Thinking & Knowing.

Difference Between Thinking & Knowing

The Difference Between Thinking & Knowing.

RCKRBX™ is the first real estate SaaS platform that puts the voice of the tenant “at your fingertips” across key investment, development, marketing, leasing, and management decision points. The platform delivers what no other real estate data provider does: actionable intelligence around the preferences, priorities, attitudes, and viewpoints that drive renter decision-making combined with predictive analytics to understand how these factors will impact asset performance and value over time, to what extent and why.

The power of the platform comes from real-time human insights and their linkage to familiar real estate datasets, market metrics and other secondary sources to establish leading indicators of asset performance.

Leveraging proprietary data science, machine learning and predictive analytics, our industry leading insight models combine millions of primary audience insights (polling data points) and thousands of geographic, demographic and psychographic variables to accurately predict renter behavior, their decision-making, and drivers of demand, loyalty and premiums with greater precision, depth and breadth than ever before possible.

What might such insights mean to you as a property is acquired, developed or repositioned, marketed for lease-up, and managed over time?

Turn Questions
Into Answers.


Identify Target Audiences

What if you could know who your target audiences are, what matters most to them and how such factors will impact asset performance over time?

Identify, size and prioritize the prospective populations most likely to consider and choose your project (versus all qualified renters in market) based on what they are looking for in their next live-space; the preferences, lifestyle interests and lifestage wants and needs which influence their decision-making; the location, building and unit attributes they desire/value most; and to what extent all of these factors impact demand intensity, lease likelihoods and rent premiums.


Understand Renter Preferences
& Priorities

What if you could know what to build for whom, where and at what cost or how to maximize demand, pace and premiums to earn greater returns—before an asset is acquired?

Quickly extract the preferences, priorities and perceptions of high-propensity renter populations and use those insights to evaluate investment theses; predict performance of development and/or repositioning scenarios against actual market appetite; align asset programming to target audience demand and premium drivers; and forecast achievable returns.


Accurately Predict Project Performance

What if you could more accurately predict investment opportunities with outsized performance potential and quantifiably evaluate underwriting as well as other development assumptions for a new project?

Pressure-test project feasibility, identify the ideal risk-return balance down to the unit and audience levels, and optimize your development path to maximize returns by validating market demand, opportunity depth and timing, location favorability, asset type and size, unit mix (including configurations, finishes and features), amenity programming, and rent thresholds as well as how these factors will impact asset performance and value over time.


RCKRBX™ makes it possible to paint far more vivid, accurate and predictive pictures of a building’s future, the populations who will live there, and the premiums they will pay, for what and why—empowering users with greater decision-making capability and confidence while, simultaneously, reducing the time and money spent on data collection and analysis costs.

Why We Exist

A New Era Demands
New Thinking.

In the hyper-commoditized real estate market, simply intuiting what audiences want is no longer sufficient. Now you have to know what matters to whom to earn outsized returns in today’s increasingly specialized, “renter-driven” real estate economy.

For years, the real estate industry has made multi-million-dollar decisions based largely on gut intuition, anecdotal evidence and incomplete, often backward-looking, market data—making it difficult to draw clear hypotheses, quantify business cases and mitigate risk.

Today, changes that have been gradually developing are now suddenly fully manifest as a result of the pandemic. Traditional market metrics, trends and cycles have been sped up, slowed down and upended. Rising material costs and delays are putting unique pressures on new projects. The amenities arms race, the industry’s cold war fueled by hyper-commoditization, is now at a virtual standoff and will require fresh evaluation. In short, there are a lot of unknowns. Uncertainty is in the ascendant and change affects everyone.

As renter wants, needs and expectations continue to evolve, outperformance will emerge for those requiring the precision RCKRBX™ provides for delivering the right asset, in the right place, at the right premium, to the right audiences. Underperformance will result for those remaining passive or stubbornly applying 20th century models to a 21st century market.

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Why We Exist
Why We Exist Second

Metrics ThatMatter.

We provide actionable insight through
primary and secondary data.

RCKRBX™ Data Model

Merging of Primary Audience Research (Polling Data) with Secondary Market Data

RCKRBX™ Data Model

Primary audience research (polling data) are derived from specific populations and their preferences, attitudes and behaviors. It provides a quantifiable look into what is likely to happen based on what renters say about particular desires, expectations and intentions. Primary audience insights are the purest form of actionable intelligence—particularly when used to predict market movement, extract critical insights from big data, and properly account for the various factors impacting how an asset will perform (i.e. demand, loyalty and premiums) over time and why.

RCKRBX™ Data Model

Market or “big” data is mined from secondary sources for broad product or population trends, comparative benchmarking, etc. and suggests likelihoods based on the assumption that “what has been” will “continue to be”. But, of course, things change. The real value of market data is the history and context for decision-making it provides when combined with primary audience insights.

RCKRBX™ Data Model

RCKRBX™ analytics focus on understanding “the why” at the intersection of audience and market data to inform “the how and what”. The goodness from each data set complements the other and, together, provide a far more rich, true and complete understanding of “what actually is” and “what ought to be.”

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What We Deliver

Big Insights.
Bigger Outcomes.

Leveraging the RCKRBX™ platform, professionals across the commercial real estate ecosystem can now better understand what renters want, think, see and feel in real-time, forecast how such audience decision-drivers will impact demand, lease likelihoods, pace and premiums of a potential project, and optimize their development-to-disposition path to deliver greater NOI, enhance competitive performance, mitigate risk across the ownership lifecycle, and maximize liquidity and returns.

It is not just the raw data that creates value, but the ability to quickly extract insights, forecasts, patterns, etc. and use those predictions to:

  • Design new and more aligned market-entry and management strategies;
  • Test/refine underwriting assumptions to mitigate risk and optimize asset programming, performance and profitability;
  • Identify and prioritize target audiences, what matters most to them and what you should build for them to maximize demand, lease likelihood, pace and premiums;
  • Provide a holistic look at the way populations, assets and markets will perform over time and why; and
  • More accurately predict opportunities with outsized potential for value appreciation.
Big Insights

No one else in the real estate industry can provide this kind of actionable decision intelligence.


RCKRBX™ was born from the science and discipline of political campaign research and we seek to leverage polling insights to democratize real estate development.

Michael Broder
President & CEO, RCKRBX™

Our Philosophy

We believe real estate assets are candidates and every day is election day. Each day, prospects vote with their preferences. Renters with a “like” or “retweet”. Brokers with their recommendations. The media with their stories.

In today’s information democracy, all these constituencies affect asset demand, loyalty, premiums and advocacy. Just like assembling a winning election-day coalition, it’s all about the connections you find between what you want to build and what your target audiences want you to build for them to deliver better paths to growth. Simply put, we help companies win.


Demographic Data, Topological Maps, Locational Attributes, Cellular Data, Geospatial Data

Data Mine

The RCKRBX™ data mine is made up of primary audience insights combined with secondary data including hyperlocal, web-based, economic and real estate market datasets.


News Trends,
Advertising, Social
Media, Clickstream Data



AI-Powered Predictive




Rent, Occupancy,
Comps/Listings, New
Development, Portfolio Data

RCKRBX™ well-positions its users for future success and competitive advantage—particularly as they claim first-mover ground, proactively adapt projects to renter preferences and modern needs, and drive greater demand, loyalty, premiums, advocacy, and returns. That’s actionable intelligence.


RCKRBX™ Returns

Insight to drive the 5 R’s: recruitment, retention, recommendation, rent and returns

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High propensity target audiences

“Know your audience.” Everyone says it, but few truly know how to do it. And, we should know, we cut our teeth in the most competitive arena there is—the political one—where one-day sales are the difference between being “in” or “out” of business.

At the core of the RCKRBX™ platform is an understanding of who your target audiences really are and what’s important to them (their decision-drivers). When paired with contextual market data, the platform enables users to exploit the collective power of audience insights and, then, relentlessly focus on the underlying triggers of demand, advocacy, premiums and loyalty.

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Enhanced audience understanding

RCKRBX™ combines the expressed preferences of renter populations (both prospective and current), the unique characteristics of their environments and related behaviors to capture enhanced audience insight.

Scoping Icon

Opportunity sizing, segmentation and scoping

Stratify existing and prospective renter populations by their typologies, the motivational context behind their preferences, behaviors and decisions, and what wants/needs will drive future demand in order to meet them where they are and move where they will be.

Metrics Icon

The metrics that matter

Align “what target audiences want” with “what you deliver” to drive growth across leading indicators of asset performance that ultimately increase NOI, mitigate risk and maximize investment returns.

Outcomes Icon

Actionable intelligence to drive quantifiable outcomes

Better understand (and act upon) renter populations and their preferences, the programming and positioning they value most and the premiums they are willing to pay for the places, spaces and experiences they want.

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First politics.
Now real estate.
Always data.
RCKRBX™ was formed in 2020 by the founders of Brightline Strategies (BLS), a leading research and advisory services firm, to:
  • Address the growing evidence gap in the high-stakes business of real estate investment, development, marketing and management;
  • Meet increasing market demand for the Company’s proprietary research models and analytics; and
  • Deliver such insights faster and at a lower cost basis than bespoke research projects.

Look Forward To Future Outcomes.


RCKRBX™ was founded by the principals of Brightline Strategies, a leading real estate research and advisory services firm.

For 20 years, Brightline has helped some of the most recognized names (and many other “up and comers”) shape their strategies, mitigate risk, drive demand and premiums, maximize asset value, and expand portfolios across markets and borders.

While the Company now specializes in real estate, past engagements span a diverse client base including technology, life science, energy, sports, professional services and non-profits. This diversity ensures every client benefits from the cross-pollination of our lessons learned and results achieved.

Early Adopters of BLS Insight Models:

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Leadership Team

Michael H. Broder

President & CEO

James Moore

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Hudak

Chief Research Officer

W. Webb Dryfoos

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Goodgold

Chief Marketing Officer

Samantha Rubenstein

Vice President Industry & Investor Relations

R. Curtis Smith

Vice President Platform Architecture

RCKRBX™ Strategic
Advisory Board Members


Evan Regan-Levine

Executive Vice President
JBG Smith

Chris Epstein

BECO Management

Chris Ballard

McWilliams | Ballard

Paul Schulman

Principal & COO
American Real Estate Partners (AREP)

Nora Dweck

Dweck Properties

Rob Freedman

Managing Director

Brett Diamond

Executive Managing Director

Darren Farber

Managing Partner
Albion River

Tom Snyder

Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Funnel Clarity